Bachelet Laboratories’ policy of quality rests on its readiness at all times to listen to clients, anticipate their expectations and reply to their needs with an overall combination of quality analyses & quality organization. Bachelet Laboratories wishes to re-enforce what makes it unique:

  • a small-sized, responsive structure
  • a structure exclusively centred on analysis, contrary to its competitors, involving also monitoring and sampling.

This is what makes Bachelet Laboratories especially neutral in its relations with clients.

Our capacity is 2500 elements/month


Created in 1925 by Achille Fiévet, Bachelet Laboratories has seen its international standing grow over the years, firstly under the guidance of Maurice Bachelet, followed by Jean-Marc Bachelet. 

With a strategic position in the heart of the EC, the laboratories activities have expanded to meet the needs of an international clientele spred over the five continents.



Juliette Delcroix

Administrative Manager

Magali Winkin

Laboratory Manager

Jean-Marc Bachelet

General Manager